About us

ASHHURST - This is where we call HOME! We have a passion for growing Saffron and we are humbled to bring this wonderful spice to the world. We grow and sell 100% New Zealand saffrons and corms directly to you.

Our story

My name is Lam Nguyen and with my husband Quang Mai, we present our GOZIE SAFFRON as a product of our company Gozie Limited. We both had a Bachelor degree in Agriculture and since then we are continuing to work with plants related industries and growing plants for businesses as well as gardeners. I also have got a second degree in BSc. International Administration. On the other hand, my husband even went further with his Master degree in Plant Science in NZ. Thus, we know how to grow plants, crops and particularly saffron and to make them to their best quality as much as possible.

  • Growing the best Premium Quality Sargol Saffron from New Zealand soils and environments
  • Taking care of our customers to their highest expectations of our products
  • Producing an environmental friendly products from organic cultivation, hand picking and drying, non-chemical using for satisfying New Zealand food safety requirements

Gozie means “God Blessed” in African belief. When we looked for the name of our business, we want something that has a specialty, unique, easy to say and to remember but also has a meaning. As a Christian family, Gozie with its meaning as the final and only option which ticks all the boxes. Hence, the business name formed.

It all started over the Covid19 out break in early 2020, during the NZ locked down, we understood how important of a healthy body and a great mind to human. We explored what is the best crops to grow under New Zealand condition and we found that Saffron is the most suitable crop to grow for our busy life and to maintain the balance within works, business and family. We have beginned our journey with saffron on our lifestyle block with about 1 hectare.

We are a working hard couple and we are passionate about growing the best premium quality GRADE I saffron for our customers’ health and wellbeing. For us, we want to provide our customers with the quality they can trust, the excellent support and services, and a friendly environment business are our cores.

About Our Saffron

Our Saffron farm situates in Ashhurst, a small town within Palmerston North city zone and the Manawatu region in New Zealand. With the favour of the weather and climate as dry summer, a few frosty winter nights, and low humidity atmosphere, our Saffron spice have the best optimum condition of growing. We say no to the chemical nasty stuff, so we do our best to grow saffron as the organic farm with only using organic matter and environment-friendly goodness such as blood and bone, sheep pellets, chicken manure from our free-range chicken flocks etc…

To make sure the Saffron quality is as Premium Grade 1, we are continuing to manage the quality by analysing the saffron spice against the International Standard quality ISO 3632-2 by having our Saffron tested with Massey University scientists in the quality laboratory. We have all 4 parameters tested for Premium Quality Saffron such as Colour, Taste, Bitter, Moisture (water content) while some growers only test with 2 to 3 parameters. Among these, the moisture content is also very important as it will reduce the quality of saffron if not done right. We dry our saffron 100% to kill the germs and maintain the moisture at 10% and should be within ISO standard.

We grow purely 100% local New Zealand saffron and we do not blend our saffron with imported products. Finally, we have pride in our products.

We stand for New Zealand Premium Quality Saffron, and we are proud of it.

Saffron is the most highly adulterated spice in the world. Reports have shown that nearly half of commercial Saffron products have been tampered with in some way. We take care of our homegrown Saffron from the time it has been planted to flowering and to the time it’s packaged.

You’ll get Premium Grade I Gozie Saffron 100% every time. We don’t blend our NZ Saffron with imported Saffron.

We only pick, process, and pack the Pure Red Saffron or SARGOL Saffron. Look for Saffron threads that do not have the dried yellow style attached. The yellow and orange bits you may see on your usual Saffron threads aren’t Sargol Saffron. It has no culinary and healthy value. So you’d end up paying for 30%-50% dead weight. Also please only buy powdered Saffron from us or a reputable supplier because the nature of this type of powder is very easy to adulterate.

We got trained and worked in Food Health and Safety environment so we know how to control every step of our production from planting, processing and packaging. We know everything about our Saffron. And we are confident with our 100 % NZ grown and manufactured!

Why saffron is so expensive?

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